Port Lincoln Mens Shed

Hand made at the Mens Shed

Here are some items for sale. These have all been made by the members of the Men's Shed. The funds from the sale of these items goes towards meeting the costs of operating the Men's Shed which enables the Shed to function and provide a valuable community service.

To purchase any of the items shown here please phone (08) 8682 4395 between 9.00am and 12.00 noon on Tuesdays or 9.00am and 3.00pm of a Thursday or email to with the item number you are interested in.

No: H01
Shoe Rack
1000mm X 650mm X 300mm
For Sale
No: H02
Portable fish cleaning table
For Sale
No: H03
Bird nesting box 155mm X 135mm X 160mm
For Sale

No: H04
Bird nesting box 240mm X 185mm X 350mm
For Sale
No: H05
Garden Trug
For Sale
No: H06
Toy aeroplane with moving propellor
For Sale

No: H07
Toy Boat with working paddle wheel
For Sale
No: H08
Pen holder
For Sale
No: H09
Key rack
For Sale